New look coming

Hi, everyone, this is your volunteer webmaster checking in. Within the next week or two I’ll be upgrading and refreshing the software that runs this site. The new software is “mobile-first,” meaning it’s designed primarily to look good on mobile devices — it will still be fine on laptops and desktops, but there will be less information crammed onto the home page. Thanks are due to all who have posted and will post!

(And one more note: This has never been a high-traffic site but I’m happy to keep offering it as along as people benefit from it — subject, of course, to the fact that this is a hobby site and I have to put my day job first!)

Why did I do it?

I had a perfectly good flip phone. Then friends and relatives insisted I had to have “smart Phone”. Finally, I caved. Do you know what those things cost? Did you all know they come with NO MANUAL. Downloadable manual is 164 pages. Call to iphones support resulted in (not kidding) ” don’t worry when you figure it out you’ll love it”.
I thought one got wiser with age….well, apparently not me. I see no reason for these damnable machines to exist. Excuse my French.

Green Bay

Oh man, they should have won. Great come back by Seattle. Colts lost too. Once again I’ll be watching the Super Bowl without a team I like. Hope the commercials and halftime make the time spent watching worth while.