Got old photos of Bridgewater?

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I would like to suggest that anyone who has old photos of Bridgewater prior to the 1960s–showing street scenes, businesses and storefronts, residences, special events, etc.–scan their photos and submit them via email to the webmaster, who then can post them on the town’s website or on Facebook. The goal is to obtain vintage photos from personal collections that never before have been seen by the pubic, but would be enjoyed by many as a trip down memory lane to the Bridgewater of yesteryear.

Saturday mail in Bridgewater

Joyce asked: “Do you know if the post office has stopped Saturday mail delivery for Bridgewater?” and I think the answer is no, there’s still a lot more legislating to do before that would happen. (See But I have noticed that Saturday delivery is more variable than it used to be, sometimes very early and sometimes late.

Anybody know more about this?

Dinkle Ave

Years ago (late 1960’s) a whole lotta money was spent to convert Dinkel Ave. from a a very narrow street to a nice wide blvd. Now they are turning the nice wide blvd back into a very narrow street. The idea behind this “traffic calming” effort is that people drive slower if they perceive the street as narrow.
Seems to me an increased police presence there would have worked just as well and the money spent 40 years ago wouldn’t have been wasted.