So Excited!

I had back fushion surgery a few weeks ago and am now bed ridden in a hospital bed at home. I have been so “down” since. My family all pitched in and surprised me today by putting on Christmas music and decorating my bedroom – complete with a “Charlie Brown” mini tree 🙂  Just wanted to share the joy I’m feeling, and hope that this post combined with the snow contest gets everyone in the pre-holiday cheery mood…and many thanks to all the buzzers on here for all their comments throughout the year – I look forward to always reading the new posts and keeping up with the events as well…this is a great site with great people!

Predict the first snowfall and win!

It’s time for the annual Bridgewater Buzz snow prediction contest. Here’s how it works:

1. In a reply to this post, enter your guess of the date of our first snowfall of one inch or more — not counting October 29!

2. The snowfall will be measured by the incorruptible Mrs. Webmaster in our front yard in Bridgewater.

3. When the inch of snow has fallen, the webmaster will announce the winner on Bridgewater Buzz and will also send email if an address is available.

4. The prize will include a gift certificate to a local business. We are trying to contact the elusive Treeman to see if a wreath can also be included. If you have a business and would like the free advertising and goodwill that would come from donating a prize, send email to the webmaster.

5. The contest ends December 20. If we have not had a qualifying inch of snow by December 20, the winner will be chosen by a random drawing.

Finally, if you’re a past contributor to Bridgewater Buzz, your user ID may have been lost in the fall hack attack. No personal data was compromised but some IDs were wiped out. If you can’t log on to contribute, send email to the webmaster. Note that you do not need an ID to enter this contest — just enter your guess as a reply to this post. Good luck, guessers, and thank you for supporting Bridgewater Buzz!

Snow Contest??

Usually the annual snow contest doesn’t start until a little later than now. But considering the early snow we now have does that mean the contest is over before it ever got started? Or do we “buzzers” still have hopes for the contest to begin?

Libertarian ideas in Bridgewater

In a thread that had gotten long, Old Timer asked: “Libertarian– what do you mean by “The government would only enforce their contracts.”? Aside from this comment, your points seem fairly anarchist in nature, that is, advocating the abolishment of government.”

In libertarian thought, the government is limited to certain very basic functions — you know, kind of like those radicals Thomas Jefferson and James Madison had in mind. Enforcing contracts is one of those functions. If a business employs a worker and then doesn’t pay, the government enforces the contract. The interactions of free men and women then determine pay and working conditions.

This is no more anarchistic than is the idea of having for-profit grocery stores be the primary way that food gets to people. Think about the Bridgewater IGA. There is no government authority that requires it to be there or oversee how much food it orders. Anarchy! and yet it works, and is friendly.

Ask yourself this: Do you think the residents of Bridgewater would be better off if we had a government Ministry of Food responsible for getting groceries to us — instead of IGA vs. 7-11 vs. Dayton Walmart vs. Food Lion?

Occupy Wallstreet

Wonder if the people of the anti-rich, anti-capitalist set realize that the wealthy folks that they are disparaging pay for the entitlement programs they enjoy. I suppose that point is lost on them.
Nearly 50% of the American public pay no income tax and the wealthiest 20 percent pay 50% of the taxes paid. They are financing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security,student loans and grants,
pork projects, road and bridge building projects, public tv and radio and even Planned Parenthood, just to name a few. By their own admission, the occupiers aren’t contributing. I guess the socialists won’t be happy until they destroy capitalism and create a truly socialist state……maybe like the wildly successful Cuba and East Germany.
One college age protester that I saw being interviewed stated that the goal was the “total dismantlement of the capitalist system”. When asked what it would be replaced with, the kid just stood there with a totally blank look. Not a clue!!!