farmers market thoughts

i really really like the farmers market at generations park. i notice the crowds and vendors have been a little smaller lately than right after opening. but i presume the vendors are still making money. i hope they find it worthwhile. i am doing my part. i especially like the apple guy who is very knowledgeable and has good deals.

Generations Park

Wife and I went to the soft opening today. All the town dignitaries where there. Whole bunch of vendors….some with great looking products, some with questionable things. One vendor had some absolutely great bratwurst. All in all, it was pretty nice. Restaurant is bigger than I thought. The personalized bricks weren’t was well displayed as they could have been. We wish this endeavor well.

Natural ice rink?

The ice rink at Generations Park has mechanical refrigeration. (DN-R reported: “The rink at Generations Park is comprised of a gravel base and concrete; several coils are placed within the concrete and will channel refrigerant through them to make the top layer cold enough to form the icy surface for skating, Holton said.”) That only seems proper, because of how short the skating season would be without it. But why did so many of us think this was going to be a natural ice rink?