New look coming

Hi, everyone, this is your volunteer webmaster checking in. Within the next week or two I’ll be upgrading and refreshing the software that runs this site. The new software is “mobile-first,” meaning it’s designed primarily to look good on mobile devices — it will still be fine on laptops and desktops, but there will be less information crammed onto the home page. Thanks are due to all who have posted and will post!

(And one more note: This has never been a high-traffic site but I’m happy to keep offering it as along as people benefit from it — subject, of course, to the fact that this is a hobby site and I have to put my day job first!)

Football time!

The annual football poll is now open! Cast your vote to predict which of our area teams will have the highest winning percentage: Redskins, Dukes, Cavaliers, Hokies or Eagles. Look for the poll on the home page. Last year, by a narrow margin voters correctly predicted the best record: that of the Virginia Tech Hokies (and the only team in the poll with a record better than .500). Here are poll results and season results from last year:

  • 29 percent picked BC Eagles (went 4-6)
  • 19 percent picked Washington Redskins (went 3-13)
  • 0 percent picked Virginia Cavaliers (went 2-10)
  • 21 percent picked JMU Dukes (went 6-6)
  • 31 percent picked Virginia Tech Hokies (went 8-5)

Bridgewater ranks high! (at

This is from Chad Stiffney of

Hey guys. This is Chad at Movoto, the real estate brokerage site. In the past we have ranked the best cities and suburbs and have decided to find the best small towns in the nation. We looked at towns with populations between 5,000 and 20,000 ranking them on criteria such as amenities, quality of life, crime, weather, etc.

Bridgewater ranked as the 3rd best small town in the country:

I thought this would be great news for Bridgewater residents.

United Way Tour headed our way Sept. 9

United Way’s September 9 tour will make a stop at our own Bridgewater Foods Supermarket. Here are details from a United Way release:

United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County will launch the 2014 Community Impact Campaign on Sept. 9, from 9:45-4:00 p.m. at seven different locations throughout Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Continue reading United Way Tour headed our way Sept. 9

Run or walk for a worthy cause

eraseIt’s hard to imagine anything sadder than the loss of an infant or child, and our community is fortunate to have the Sadie Rose Foundation to provide support to bereaved parents. Now you can support the foundation’s efforts by running or walking 5k. The annual Sadie Rose Foundation 5k is set for June 14 at Pence Middle School. You can find details here or register directly online here.