Today the Supreme Court begins hearings on the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act. One can only hope the Justices will see fit to declare parts or all of the act invalid.
Health care in American needs to be fixed but it can be done without massive government intervention. Obamacare as it stands now is a first step in what will become socialized medicine. A new entitlement program that along with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are well on the way to bankrupting this country.
We have a growing national debt, the principal of which, will never be paid, only the interest. We cannot afford to continue to allow this nation to be a nanny state because the future Americans will suffer the failure of a once great country. Attempts at Socialism have repeatedly failed and this country needs to reverse the path it is on.


Randy’s Do It Best has the nicest people helping in the store. Just wish they carried a better variety. It seems to be the 7-11 of hardware stores. They ignore the fact that we all don’t own the same equipment. No “one part fits all” in the tool world. I hate walking out empty handed and heading to Rocking R.

Occupy Wallstreet

Wonder if the people of the anti-rich, anti-capitalist set realize that the wealthy folks that they are disparaging pay for the entitlement programs they enjoy. I suppose that point is lost on them.
Nearly 50% of the American public pay no income tax and the wealthiest 20 percent pay 50% of the taxes paid. They are financing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security,student loans and grants,
pork projects, road and bridge building projects, public tv and radio and even Planned Parenthood, just to name a few. By their own admission, the occupiers aren’t contributing. I guess the socialists won’t be happy until they destroy capitalism and create a truly socialist state……maybe like the wildly successful Cuba and East Germany.
One college age protester that I saw being interviewed stated that the goal was the “total dismantlement of the capitalist system”. When asked what it would be replaced with, the kid just stood there with a totally blank look. Not a clue!!!

Dinkle Ave

Years ago (late 1960’s) a whole lotta money was spent to convert Dinkel Ave. from a a very narrow street to a nice wide blvd. Now they are turning the nice wide blvd back into a very narrow street. The idea behind this “traffic calming” effort is that people drive slower if they perceive the street as narrow.
Seems to me an increased police presence there would have worked just as well and the money spent 40 years ago wouldn’t have been wasted.