Pros and the Olympics

Does anyone have a problem with professional athletes participating in the Olympics? It bothers me a little, seeing professional b’ball players( and other sports) when our excellent collegiate system could be providing players. I understand the reasoning that the very best should be allowed and that other countries won’t play by the rules. It does seem that the “professional athlete” from the old Soviet Union and East Germany are now relics of the past.
Anyway, I’m enjoying watching the games and hope everyone else is, as well.


Today was Chik-Fil-A “buy in” day. I happened to be on 33E today and noticed the crowd. Cars lined up out on the highway and crowds of people walking over from the Boston Beanery parking lot. Place looked swamped.
I guess the politically correct mayors of Chicago and Boston, pandering to their liberal base, don’t speak for everyone after all. Imagine wanting to shut down or deny a person his right to do business just because his views don’t match theirs. I thought liberals were suppose to be the party of tolerance.
Of course, the people will be labelled anti-gay for supporting the owner of Chic-Fil-A’s right to his opinion. Political correctness is a terrible thing because it tries to deny a person the right to express his or her beliefs.

It’s your money II

I was looking at the grant and loan possibilities on the USDA website. The list had at least 10 ways to get federal money, to include:

1. Loans to farmers unable to get loans.
2. Several loans, grant and loan guarantee programs to provide private housing.
3. Funding for projects to bring housing, community facilities, utilities to rural America.
4. Another program (different department within) to provides loans to beginning farmers unable to get loans.
5. Another program with loans and grants to develop public facilities and housing.
6. Loans, grants, etc. to provide electric , water and even broadband to rural communities
7 Grants to promote speciality crops to include flowers. Oh yeah, almost forgot renewable energy.
I think it would be a safe bet that all the loans are at subsidized rates.
Big Brother sure is taking care of us. No wonder the country is broke.


I was going to send an email to the B’water town manager concerning the great job they did after the storm (and in general). Checked the T of B website and not an email address to be found.
Guess it’s too problematic since emails can make it so easy to harass.


Got my copy of Consumers Reports today. They rated 40 hospitals in Va. for safety. RMH came in second with an overall score of 63 (out of a hundred). UVa was rated 37th with a score of 39.

Along the way were:
Winchester Med. Center…60
Augusta Health…53
Martha Jefferson…45

This is what happens when it’s too hot outside and I get bored.

It’s your money……

Two government programs I read about this week:

350 million is available as loans to small farmers in Va.. It can be used for seed, fertilizer and even for farm purchases. which begs the question, how can you be a small farmer if you don’t own a farm? Anyway, the requirements are 1. can’t qualify for a conventional loan (wonder why?) and 2. You must be any ethnicity other than Caucasian. This seems like reverse discrimination to me.

2. A grant is available to give the elderly $20 to purchase veggies from local farmers markets.

I really hope I’m not the only one that has issues with this misuse of tax dollars. These may not be big numbers but multiplied by the thousand of other give away programs, it adds up greatly.


I missed the anniversary of D-Day (June 6). So a belated salute to the men that stormed the beaches at Normandy. Their bravery is inspirational..