Harrisonburg Rockingham

Just received our copy of the DNR pictorial history book. Nice little peek in to the past. Wife noted that everyone certainly looked different back then. The more we thought about it, the clothing styles and facial hair/grooming not withstanding, we realized that the biggest difference was……nearly everyone was thin. Didn’t seem to be much rotundness back in the day.

JMU game

Watched JMU and Akron on ESPN3. A 4″ x 6″ screen with nose on the computer. Hope Mom was wrong about sitting too close to the TV. Very good game, unfortunately, JMU lost by 2.
Here is the Monday morning quarterbacking part…….game was lost by a bad side line call in the last seconds. They were within field goal range with 20 seconds but coaches elected to run one more play and time ran out.
That not withstanding, JMU appears to be a really good team this year.