Green Bay

Oh man, they should have won. Great come back by Seattle. Colts lost too. Once again I’ll be watching the Super Bowl without a team I like. Hope the commercials and halftime make the time spent watching worth while.

Great Article

This is a great article by Victor Davis about the reasons for America’s continued success in spite of government corruption and incompetence, huge debts, racial strife, and low approval ratings of our leaders .

Voter ID Cards

Libertarian made me think about the ID cards….here is a list acceptable cards.

Drivers license
Veterans cards
Other cards issued by the Feds or state government
University and college ID cards
Employer issued cards that have photo.
AND the Voters Registration Office will provide free Va. voter ID cards upon request.

How profound

Today’s Dear Abbey…the question was asked ” Who told people they look good in skinny jeans?” Abbey’s response….”the salespeople”.
With the exception of a very few, most people look like light bulbs from behind. High wattage light bulbs, at that.

Public funds and bike lanes

Bike lanes on newly built roadways are the current “right thing to do”. To put this in a different perspective, the bike lanes are 3 feet wide. A typical car lane is 12′. So the bike lanes on each side equals about one half of a car lane. On a typical 4 lane road this would increase the amount of construction by 12.5 % as well as the cost. At a point in the not to distant past, a mile of road cost about $1,000,000 (probably a low estimate now).
So, our public money is funding bike lanes at a additional cost of about $125,000 per mile. The ironic part is that these lanes are unused 99.5% of the time. Is this an effect way to use public money?

As an after thought, has anyone else noticed the $40,000000 University Athletic Park on Port road. You know, the one with no activity ever. At least , that was student fees, not public taxpayer dollars.