Ice Rink

Read the article about the rink in the Bridgewater Current. It will be open about 6 hours a day with several sessions. What’s a session? You pay by the session apparently and I assume after each session you pay again? Got a feeling that the Town is overly optimistic about the use of the facility.

Generations Park

Wife and I went to the soft opening today. All the town dignitaries where there. Whole bunch of vendors….some with great looking products, some with questionable things. One vendor had some absolutely great bratwurst. All in all, it was pretty nice. Restaurant is bigger than I thought. The personalized bricks weren’t was well displayed as they could have been. We wish this endeavor well.

Why did I do it?

I had a perfectly good flip phone. Then friends and relatives insisted I had to have “smart Phone”. Finally, I caved. Do you know what those things cost? Did you all know they come with NO MANUAL. Downloadable manual is 164 pages. Call to iphones support resulted in (not kidding) ” don’t worry when you figure it out you’ll love it”.
I thought one got wiser with age….well, apparently not me. I see no reason for these damnable machines to exist. Excuse my French.