Wrong and glad

Looks like I was wro….wro….wron….wrong. Ice Rinks appears way more popular than I thought. Good for the Town Fathers, glad it’s apparently going to be a hit.

2 thoughts on “Wrong and glad”

  1. although i am not likely to get out on the ice. i do think the skaters make for a nice atmosphere. for those of us dining in the grill. i do have a question though. how hard is it for a middle age klutz who never roller skated well to learn to ice skate. i do not mean learn to ice skate really well. just stand up and self propel around the edge. without holding on to the rail.

    1. I am going to give it a try, mousie, and I will let you know. I fit your description pretty well (maybe on the far side of “middle age”) but I too am not physically talented and was not a great roller skater as a kid. I picked up my recreation pass this week (thanks, Betsy!) and I think I’m all set to try, if I can just get time away from work and other demands. And, we’ll need some cold weather so that I can go to the relatively uncrowded early sessions (and in that way be less a danger to myself and others).

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