Jalapeño Grill review

jalapenoThere was a good-size lunch crowd when my party and I arrived, but we were quickly seated and drinks arrived in good order. The menu seems to be the same as the Harrisonburg location — which is to say, American Southwest food with a touch of Mexican. (See this earlier discussion on the difference.)

Here are the dishes we tried, with a few notes:

  • Jalapeño Burger — very nicely crafted, hot but not too hot. The beef showed no signs of having been super-compressed and frozen like some food-service burgers.
  • Classic Burger — another “thumbs up,” with both burger fans noting that the fries were very good, with a unusual thick cut spiral shape.
  • Build a Bowl — lots of options, very nicely done.
  • Vegetarian Fajitas — good standard fajitas with flour tortillas and a side of beans and rice, according to our resident veggie.

Portion sizes were generous. Thanks to lunchtime pricing of some items, the check including tax but not tip was $33.93. (To help you judge that: Two diners had water while the other two had iced tea.)

Grooming the ice
The mini-Zamboni

We were well served by an experienced waitress (Julia) and a trainee (Jennifer). The atmosphere was good, aided by the appearance of the mini-Zamboni to groom the ice on the adjacent ice rink. In fact, in skating season there should be good views of skaters on the southeast face of the restaurant.

Our service time was 17 minutes from order to food arriving — a little long for the lunch hour, but not a problem with the chips and salsa on the table.

Other notes:

  • The restaurant has more seating than is apparent from the street. The north end of the building is not easily visible.
  • Decor inside is modern, with a lot of hard surfaces. Acoustics were fair to good with a full crowd.
  • Parking in the paved area is at a premium. Additional parking is available on the gravel at the north side of the building.
  • The takeout window and restrooms are accessible from the ice rink side. Dine-in customers enter via the entrance nearest the street.
  • In the extreme southeast corner of the serving area there’s a tiny booth facing the ice — looks ideal for date night, with barely room for two diners.

Bottom line: Very nicely done American Southwest cuisine, a pleasant option for Bridgewater diners.

Note: If you had a different experience or have something to add, please comment below.

Full disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for doing this review. I did not disclose my identity as Webmaster until after the meal was over.

5 thoughts on “Jalapeño Grill review”

  1. i was there today too. i liked the food. but. i think i prefer authentic mexican and for me that means el charro. and my alltime favorite dining place locally is francescos. i would say 4 stars for the new grill, 4.5 for el charro, 5 for francescos. just my opinion.

    1. Wife and I went today. She had the chicken quesdea (?) and I had the shrimp tacos. Both excellent. I would
      prefer authentic Mexico too, which El Charro isn’t. Sorry Mousie.
      Service was great. We had to wait a little, but we followed a party of 14. The wife and I think this place will our new favorite in B’water. So, 5 stars for the new place, 4 for Francescos and 3 for El Charro.
      Do wish the little Chinese place was a little more upscale.

  2. no worries. i never take it amiss when opinions differ. and regarding el charro. i agree. but there is authentic mexican and sorta almost authentic mexican. which is about as close as we get here i think. as for the red apple. i too wish that it would go upscale. as in returning to non disposable dinnerware for dine ins as when it first opened. i heard that there was a recent change in management of red apple.

  3. I can’t distinguish as finely as you guys can. I too went to the new grill. I would give it 4 stars, same as El Charro and Francesco’s. They’re all good.

    1. LOL, we have to distinquish like that. How else will we convince ourselves we actually have a clue as to what we’re talking about. 🙂 Great food connoisseurs that we are ( had to ask google how to spell that). 🙂

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