I’m curious

Wonder what happened to all the people that used to visit this site?

3 thoughts on “I’m curious”

  1. I know some of the former posters personally, and they gradually moved to Facebook — which, I have to say, is a superior technology for finding out what’s going on locally and micro-locally. People just naturally post about Bridgewater things as they’re also posting cat pictures and other Facebook fare. Other local webmasters have noticed the same thing at community sites all over. I’m not greatly bothered by it, though, because (1) This was an experiment to start; and (2) I still have my day job and (3) My web experiments still break even, bringing in more ad revenue than it costs to host the site and (4) Finally, even without violating Facebook’s terms of use it’s possible to drive traffic over here by posting on Facebook — which I may do more seriously sometime out in the future. So — no worries, nothing against Facebook, but I’m always happy when people find this site and post.

  2. i like the ability to post anonymously. so thanks to the webmaster. i hang around with some scolds who would not like most of my postings. and on facebook i cannot be anonymous.

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