Natural ice rink?

The ice rink at Generations Park has mechanical refrigeration. (DN-R reported: “The rink at Generations Park is comprised of a gravel base and concrete; several coils are placed within the concrete and will channel refrigerant through them to make the top layer cold enough to form the icy surface for skating, Holton said.”) That only seems proper, because of how short the skating season would be without it. But why did so many of us think this was going to be a natural ice rink?

3 thoughts on “Natural ice rink?”

  1. The question I have is who decided there is a demand for an ice skating rink? In my whole life , which has been spent mostly in this area, I’ve known 3 people that participated in this activity. They are all well past their first Social Security check by now. I wish the park well, but have to wonder if this is like the expensive highway bike lanes we are now saddled with. You know, build them and maybe a very small percentage of tax payers will use them, occasionally.

  2. i was thinking the same thing about the wheelchair accessible fishing pier at edgebriar park. i visit that park often and have never seen a wheelchair there. but on the plus side. i do not think it was very expensive and it is a nice place to stand and look at the river.

    1. The ADA was and is a massive government overreaction to a relative minor problem. As it first began, it was to provide reasonable accommodations for the handicap. Now, no construction begins without expensive and extensive studies on H/C requirements. It adds millions to construction costs. For example the law dictates the width, to the inch, of handicap stalls and further dictates to what degree the door on the stall must hang open, when not in use.
      But to respond to mousie, the HC pier looks good on Bridgewater’s resume.

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