Independence Day: on tyranny

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Recent events in our nation remind me that some people are fine with tyranny because they think they have the tyrant’s favor, even out here in Shenandoah Valley flyover country. But don’t count on it. The only defense against tyranny is liberty, and the tyrant who oppresses your enemy today can turn on you tomorrow.

The founders of our nation understood that. Will we?

2 thoughts on “Independence Day: on tyranny”

  1. i think i know the issue you are talking about. and i am more optimistic. they way i see it we sort of suspended ordinary procedure on this one issue. state attorneys general not defending their own laws. courts forgetting about how we have to amend the constitution to truly change it. etc. and now we will go back to normal order on issues that come up in the future.

    1. Amending the Constitution isn’t required any longer. Our activists Judiciary now takes the place of amendments. We have turned the corner and left behind our Republic for a new socialist state. I afraid there will be no turning back because the folks will not give up the “freebies” they have been promised (think Greece). Democrats (socialists) will get us there as quickly as they can, Republicans (socialists lite) will as well, just not as fast. They both don’t care that the end game of socialism is communism.

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