Why did I do it?

I had a perfectly good flip phone. Then friends and relatives insisted I had to have “smart Phone”. Finally, I caved. Do you know what those things cost? Did you all know they come with NO MANUAL. Downloadable manual is 164 pages. Call to iphones support resulted in (not kidding) ” don’t worry when you figure it out you’ll love it”.
I thought one got wiser with age….well, apparently not me. I see no reason for these damnable machines to exist. Excuse my French.

One thought on “Why did I do it?”

  1. I’m in the “no manual for me” camp. All I need is the quick-start guide. If the phone needs more directions than that, it’s no good. (But if you haven’t had a smartphone before, a five-minute tutorial at the start can be a big help.)

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