Generations Park restaurant

I have seen bits of news coverage on Generations Park, but nothing mentioning what was worked out about restaurant that’s to open there. Has anyone heard anything? Chain or local? Big or small? etc.

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  1. i agree. hard to see how it can be much more than a snack bar. not that a snack bar is a bad thing. especially if it has a good coffee maker.

  2. Here’s your answer, from the February 14 Daily News-Record: “The town is still in talks with potential restaurateurs to occupy the park’s 2,470-square-foot restaurant. While he wouldn’t give any names, Holton said the town is negotiating with one Harrisonburg restaurant owner who “ seems very interested in this location.” The location also is piquing interest from out of state; a restaurant owner from Pennsylvania, who owns three establishments, is meeting with Holton next week.”

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