McDonald’s construction?

Is that construction at McDonald’s on main street almost done — already? I saw them putting up signage, painting lines, landscaping, and all the stuff that usually comes at the end of a project. And — is it all open even now (drive-through and eat-in also)?

5 thoughts on “McDonald’s construction?”

  1. Every food service construction project I was ever involved in was like that. Fast as possible, every minute lost to construction was revenue lost. They usually bring crews from out of the area that have extensive experience with fast food joints.
    Those guys should go by the name” Rock n’ Roll Construction”.

  2. I heard on-again, off-again several times during the year, with the most recent rumor being that no, Macado’s is definitely not coming. Supposedly the deal was that there would not be enough parking, but that would have been easy to see on a first site visit.

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