Immigration puzzle

Let’s say the President truly does have the authority, as he asserts, to increase by 5 million the number of legal workers in the U.S. economy through executive action. And surely that means a future president could go back 5 million. Does that mean Congress — which seems to have authority over immigration and labor force matters — doesn’t get to pick the size of all that, within 5 million?

Does Congress get to pick that number within 10 million? And if the answer is “no,” what does Congress get to say about the size of the legal labor force?

5 thoughts on “Immigration puzzle”

  1. This confusion is a great example of why the governments shouldn’t be trying to control the economy. It fails at it on a regular basis.

    The actions of the President are clearly aimed at solidifying the Hispanic vote in 2016. I know the newly amnestied will not be able to vote. But his actions will insure the Demoncratic Presidential candidate the gratitude vote from those that are eligible.

  2. As bad as Congress is at overstepping its authority, at least it is limited by internal friction. I see no limits to future presidents’ powers if Obama gets away with this one, and I think he will. Further, I don’t think the Democrats can be too smug about this. One day when a Republican president is elected, that president will inherit the expanded powers that Obama gave the office. Don’t count on the Republicans to protect individual rights, either — they’ll just trample on them in different ways. One way or the other, we have gone from a constitutional republic to a President-centered model. Congress will just be a great big advisory panel.

    Liberty will suffer.

  3. what bothers me about this is the sudden discovery of this authority. barack obama himself did not know he had it in 2013. even though he had every reason to discover it then. now in 2014 he does have it. that makes it very unlike the power to be commander in chief. which everybody knew he had all along.

  4. Another thing that isn’t being discussed is that IF the illegals come “out of the shadows” and get worker permits (which they would be foolish to do)they’ll have to pay taxes. This will include Social Security withholdings. What a great reward for breaking the law, they get to be part of this country’s failing retirement system.

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