3 thoughts on “Election day”

  1. If you vote in Bridgewater, remember to bring an ID. We were doing voter suppression before voter suppression was cool.

  2. How is needing an id considered voter suppression. You need a picture id for all sorts of things in life…including to enter government buildings. Maybe 50 years ago having a picture id may have been a problem, but not today. The state government will give you one if you don’t have a drivers license. I have three in my wallet.
    Am I to understand that it is a Libertarian position that everyone should be allowed to walk in and vote without registering?
    Without some oversight, how do you keep people from really voting early and often?

  3. Actually I was trying to be cute. I’ve been presenting ID — oh, I don’t know how long now at the Bridgewater polling place. All around me as I voted, people were presenting ID. Nobody seemed to be having a problem. Crying “voter suppression” about this is the reddest of red herrings.

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