Washington Redskins? Redhawks?

As a long-time Redskins fan, I have followed with some interest the controversy over the team’s name. To me, the idea that some kid is thinking bad thoughts about American Indians when hearing the team’s name is crazy.  “Redskins” are football players! And yet I understand that some people are offended by it. I wish there were some way for Redskins traditionalists to save face in this. The PC police want to humiliate and shame Redskins traditionalists — and I don’t want to see the PC police win, even as I sort of agree with their basic point. So . . . is there some way to move ahead on this that could leave everybody somewhat happy? If they changed it to “Redhawks,” I’m sure I’d get used to the change in no time.

5 thoughts on “Washington Redskins? Redhawks?”

  1. i do not care what they call them. as long as they can start playing better. they were 3 and 13 last year. but not as good as that record would indicate.

  2. I am offended by the name of the Minnesota Vi***gs. The name is an insult to peace-loving Nordic individuals everywhere, implying that they plunder and violate marginalized peoples. I hope announcers will not use the name of the Vi***gs in this year’s play-by-play.

  3. I am offended by political correctness, in general. If I were to participate in the silliness, I wound demanded to be called a Scottish/West Virginiaish American.
    I am correct in that WVa is a foreign country, right?

  4. Solution… Redskins adopt Pontiac Red Potato as thir new mascot… then they can still can be called Redskins…. spuds for short… very applicable.

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