Flying Pizza

New name on the New York Flying Pizza store. I forgot how to spell the new name┬ábut there is a big “grand opening” sign too. Anyone know what’s going on?

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  1. New York Flying Pizza shut down. Not sure when, but it wasn’t long before the new sign went up. Maybe a month or two? The new name is like Prisecco or something to that affect. Yet another pizzeria for Bridgewater. Not sure who owns it, but the open sign was on yesterday. It was a very quick turn-around. I ordered pizza one time from NYFP, and wasn’t overly impressed. Not sure if I will try the new one or not. Kind of burned out on pizza…..
    List of current pizza places in Bwater:
    Perfect Pizza
    Papa Johns
    Prisecco (old NYFP)

    I was extremely happy when El Charro opened. Something OTHER than pizza…..

  2. In the Superpages I found this name: “Prosecco Ristorante Pizzeria, 415 N. Main St., Bridgewater.” It’s good to see that the location won’t be vacant for a long time (the way it was before Flying Pizza).

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