Harrisonburg K-Mart closing

The Harrisonburg K-Mart on Market Street is closing. I am sorry for those who will lose jobs and I hope they find new work without too much difficulty. That said, the store closing is part of the natural cycle of moving assets from those who do not use them well to those who do. This was a mismanaged store that — just to name one example — did not have all of its cash registers open, with many customers in line, on the biggest retail day of the year. That’s the last time I was in there. I look forward to new owners developing the potential of a truly prime retail location.

4 thoughts on “Harrisonburg K-Mart closing”

  1. Not to be too much of a fanboy, but I have totally lost interest in Olive Garden since Francesco’s opened in Bridgewater. I would prefer Francesco’s even if there were an Olive Garden in downtown Bridgewater (which there never will be), let alone driving to the Harrisonburg sprawl for the dubious delights of chain-Italian.

  2. Speaking of Olive Garden in Bridgewater…I read an article on a Richmond news site the otehr day that said “Owners of Macado’s have stated that Richmond will be next on their list after they open their restaurants in Bridgewater, VA and Kingsport, TN later this year.”

    I have heard rumors that the Macado’s will go next door to Francesco’s where the tattoo parlor and karate studio currently are. I guess they liked what they saw happening at El Charro and want some of that. Just not sure if we are big enough to contain another med sized restaurant and the new restaurant slated at Generations Park.

  3. went to macados in harrisonburg the other day and had great food and service. it would be nice to see them in bridgewater. but i wonder about parking at any feasible location. fortunately the people who make location decisions and who approve the site plans are smarter than i am.

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