the february 13 snow

stay safe everyone. over here at our house we already seem to have a foot or so. but it is so rounded over everything i cant tell just now. town is doing a good job keeping the street open though.

3 thoughts on “the february 13 snow”

  1. Yes, the town did it’s usual excellent job. Personally, I didn’t enjoy shoveling all that Global Warming from my driveway. Hopefully, this will be the last snowfall this year.

  2. Kudos to the towns’ crews! They have done an excellent job with 2014 “snow-ma-getta”! I have lived here 9+ years and I must say the town crews have continued to impressed me with everything from snow removal to the beautifully maintained parks and garden areas around Bridgewater! Larger cities with big budgets and large staffs could learn a thing or two from how well it’s done here!

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