Air service CHO-to-Orlando ends

downloadAs much as I had hoped otherwise, I guess there’s not enough demand to support airline service to Orlando from around here. First we had Frontier flying from Shenandoah Valley to Orlando, and then after that folded we had Allegiant flying from Charlottesville to Orlando. Now we learn that the CHO service will soon be ending, too. At least we can still go through Dulles.

2 thoughts on “Air service CHO-to-Orlando ends”

  1. sorry to see that. even before the allegiant thing i was hoping frontier would make a go of it with the shd to orlando service. knew several people who used it a lot. i guess it is just hard to fill a big plane leaving from shenandoah.

  2. We must simply get used to the fact that good service to a hub is the best we can hope for out of SHD on a regular basis. Right now that is what we have with Silver/United Express. Please, everybody, consider flying out of SHD so we can at least keep that.

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