Harrisonburg Rockingham

Just received our copy of the DNR pictorial history book. Nice little peek in to the past. Wife noted that everyone certainly looked different back then. The more we thought about it, the clothing styles and facial hair/grooming not withstanding, we realized that the biggest difference was……nearly everyone was thin. Didn’t seem to be much rotundness back in the day.

3 thoughts on “Harrisonburg Rockingham”

  1. That’s a very important point. People are fatter today and that is not because of any fundamental change in human beings. Rather it is the result of prolonged exposure to the products of Big Business and agribusiness.

  2. i think i see the point. i like fried chicken as well as anybody. but i would not have it very often if i had to grow the chicken. axe the chicken. pluck and clean the chicken. and then fry it. i would be skinnier if there was no colonel sanders. and i guess his chicken is a product of big business and agri business. but wow it sure is good.

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