4 thoughts on “Generations Park idea”

  1. interesting idea. i am wondering how the skating rink works. if i understand correctly it is just a shallow pool that freezes naturally in cold weather. no refrigeration equipment. is there any estimate of how many months a year it would be available for skating.

    1. I would hazard a guess at 3 months assuming the temperature is below 32 degrees. I like the idea of a farmers market in the summer months. And I really like the idea that it won’t cost the taxpayers anything ( of course that remains to be seen).

  2. It looks well conceived and well thought-out to me. I hope the Town can find a suitable restaurant to make the whole thing work. I believe it will be an asset to our community and will attract visitors from all around. It’s also something to make Bridgewater unique.

  3. There are a couple of things to keep you eye on, as this project proceeds:

    1. No one can guarantee that this project will be self-funding. Instead, it can only be shown that projected cash flows exceed projected costs. Bridgewater taxpayers are on the hook if they don’t.

    2. Local government officials typically over-estimate the revenues of a project such as this. How? By attributing cash flows — that would have occurred anyway — specifically to the project. The details are technical; they key question is: “How much of the new revenue will actually be new to the town, and specifically caused by the project?” (More if people come from elsewhere, less if the people attracted would have come anyway.) I assume the Town is aware of this and will release detailed assumptions on the revenue plan.

    Needless to say, as a libertarian I oppose (on principle) confiscating everyone’s property through taxation to pay for a skating rink for some. As unjustified confiscatory projects go, though, this one doesn’t look so bad. I’ll be surprised if it goes as badly as, say, Harrisonburg’s golf course.

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