I am having a difficult understanding something and hope some of you can help me. Thousands upon thousands of innocents have died in the Syrian war by “conventional” weapons. The entire world has stood by, doing nothing, seemingly without concern.
Now, the use of WMD’s have finally been acknowledged (even though there is evidence that they have been used all along). Now there is outrage by many nations, ours included, and that something must be done.
Herein lies my dilemma, Why does it matter how innocent people are being killed? The simple fact is that tens of thousands lost their lives needlessly. How can the world watch innocents die for years, do nothing and then get on their high horse over methodology. What kind of word do we live in? Shame on us.

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  1. At some point I think we, the United States, will have to decide whether we do or don’t intervene in situations such as that one. If we have a rule that we just don’t get involved in civil wars, then we sadly stand by as people kill their fellow countrymen. Given the possibility that we would intervene on the “wrong” side, or make matters worse, I’m about to conclude that’s what we should do. As for Syria itself, if we take out Assad for using those weapons, what’s the guarantee that the successor regime won’t be even worse? But I too find the loss of life — before and since the WMD use — horrifying. I would be willing to do a lot (as the U.S.) if I were sure we could do the right thing.

  2. the whole thing is media driven. the poison gas deaths occurred on camera. we could see the faces. many of the other deaths in syria were from small arms fire and rpg and stuff off camera. for that matter the whole rwanda thing was over before its scope was fully covered and we did not do a thing about it.

  3. I see that President Obama has decided not to strike unless authorized by Congress. I predict that Congress will never vote for that strike. We are just too tired of war.

  4. Probably a good decision on the President’s part. The whole world stood by while fanatics with guns, rockets, etc. killed tens of thousands and did nothing. Now WMD have killed another thousand. Firing a few rockets at them because of a change in their methodology seems pointless.
    Mousie is correct. It’s all media driven.

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