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When I first moved to this area ** years ago, I was amazed that people took for granted the ability to get The Washington Post daily. (I was from way out in flyover country, where you could get a mail subscription with a three-day lag — or go to a downtown newsstand where you could get today’s Post. Of course there was no internet.) And yet, here The Post was, right on my doorstep every morning. I had long admired its coverage of national affairs and its willingness to stand up to powerful people like the Nixon administration. The Graham family understood The Post’s importance in national affairs. Now the paper is being sold to an internet entrepreneur. I fear that we may be seeing the death of a valuable national institution.

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  1. I suspect you have nothing to fear. He didn’t buy it to lose money however as he hails from Seattle (a bastion of liberalism) you may see the newspaper move even farther left.

  2. i saw where the new owner of the paper had given an interview some time back. in that interview he said there would be no print newspapers in 20 years. so this is what i am wondering. if the washington post just becomes a website will it still be the washington post. that is. will anybody pay attention to it any more than the huffington post or the daily caller.

  3. Not to pile on, but did you notice how The Washington Post — which for years had confident advice on how to run the national economy — was unable with the premier news brand in our nation’s capital to save itself as an independent entity? (It’s not that I think successful captains of industry know how to run the national economy. In this, the beginning of wisdom is knowing that no one can “run” the national economy — just, at best, provide good conditions in which free men and women make a national economy prosper. That’s a lesson The Post didn’t get on its editorial pages, and I doubt it will get it under new ownership either.)

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