happy july 4

happy independence day to one and all. i hope you have a great july 4. what a great country we live in.

2 thoughts on “happy july 4”

  1. I agree, mousie. It is a great country. I hope we will have the strength and courage to avoid selling it out cheaply, for false promises of security at the hand of Big Government.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that we seem to have three Memorial Days now? Memorial Day, quite properly, is about those who lost their lives in military service. But then Veterans’ Day lately seems to focus on those who lost their lives rather than all veterans. In yesterday’s July 4 commentary, there seemed to be a lot about fallen veterans. This is all fine, but I think it makes the celebration of our nation’s birthday more somber. Is this something new or was it always there and I just didn’t notice?

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