Wild Woods BBQ closes

I was sorry to learn of the closing of Wild Woods Barbecue, as reported on social media sites. Does anyone have any particulars?

5 thoughts on “Wild Woods BBQ closes”

  1. From what I saw when stopping to pick up a pizza one day, it looks like they are doing some renovations. Maybe the close is only temporary. I didn’t notice any signs that said they were out of business. I did give it a shot one time and was not impressed. I can get better BBQ elsewhere.

  2. as i understand it the space is being cut into two businesses during the remodeling. one will be a takeout supper place. and the other business will be a chiropractic clinic. somebody jump in and correct me if i am wrong about that.

  3. Mousie you are correct. Article in DNR last week or so said Wild Woods is going to still sell their BBQ out of the clubhouse at Heritage Oaks Golf Course. The Bridgewater location is closing and dividing the space into 2 businesses.

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