Bridgewater businesses

I see that Anita’s bakery is having a grand RE-opening. When did it close?

The new chiropractor has signs saying open for business but every time I drive by there’s a small sign on the door that says “closed”.

Wonder what’s going on?

2 thoughts on “Bridgewater businesses”

  1. i saw an apparent patient coming out of the chiro clinic. shaking hands with an apparent doctor. so i guess they are open some.

  2. The lady who owns and operates the bakery had been ill and was unable to work full-time. I noticed she started out with limited hours of operation and taking special orders only. It seems that she has recovered enough to be open regular hours now, which is great. I wish her the best. I have yet to stop in, but that’s only because I’ve been watching my calories and I can only assume a bakery is not the place for me.

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