young staff at tv 3

this is a joke. did you hear that tv 3 had to cancel its 11 o clock newscast. the on air talent could not get parental permission to stay out that late.

5 thoughts on “young staff at tv 3”

  1. Hahaha, that’s funny. At least the young staff has an excuse for being taken in by the President’s exaggerations about the sequester (uncritically passing them along), unlike their more senior colleagues in the media.

  2. They are entertaining….from their wide eyed “investigative reporting” to the mispronouncing of local names and towns. The best feature is the rush to insure us that VDOT is ready every time George predicts a storm.
    I do have one question….why do weather people have stand outside in bad weather to report it?

  3. I find it mostly interesting and sometimes annoying to watch these young broadcast journalists learn the ropes. They’re not yet jaded, and still capable of getting emotional with a story. The annoying part is that they don’t have their on-air personas or even their makeup worked out, and the variations can be jarring (web producer Kitty C. an unfortunate example — less was better when she first started). I agree with Libertarian that they’re a little too easily taken in by politician-pushed narratives on particular stories.

  4. Did anyone else notice meterologist Amelia Nahmias’s blatant flirting with anchor Deon Guillory during the 6PM news on Saturday 6/9? That was really an annoying performance on her part.

  5. Wife and I have noticed it a couple of times…which is surprising because we usually lose patience with them after about 5 to 10 minutes and turn the channel.

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