I read in the newspaper that Argo won best picture of the year. I watched it and if it’s the best, then it must have been a slow movie year. Fails greatly in comparison to real great movies like Field of Dreams, Ghost, Shawshank Redemption,The Green Mile, Outlaw Josey Wales and arguable the best movie ever………Cool Hand Luke. Even the really old African Queen was better.

2 thoughts on “Argo??????”

  1. I was sorry that The Hunger Games got skunked, not a single award. I didn’t think it was the Best Picture, but I found the acting and plot believable (and chilling). Will see Argo on Netflix, if at all — rated R for violence, right?

    1. I forgot about Hunger Games….enjoyed that too. Some, but not a lot of violence in Argo….mostly dialogue and some suspense near the end.

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