El Charro again

There is a perfectly good building on the corner of Main and Dinkel that someone should use to open a Mexican style restaurant.
Has anyone heard any updates?

8 thoughts on “El Charro again”

  1. there was some kind of event there. last monday night. lots of cars in the lot. i figured some kind of dedication or training which would mean an opening soon after. i was wrong.

  2. Rumors had it that both alcohol permits and fire/safety inspections were two delays in opening during November and December—I am ready for some El Charro myself—looking forward to new location to open soon!

  3. I saw a couple of beer vender’s vehicles there this week. Maybe that issue has been resolved. There were some other cars around there last week, as well.. My wife calls it the Coming Soon restaurant.

  4. I think they are officially open. I drove by last night on the way home and the parking lot was jam-packed full and a neon “open” sign was in the window. People were even parked behind the restaurant along the alley. I suspect it will be that way for a while.

  5. The place is packed every time I go by. They must be doing something right — was there just a huge unmet desire for sit-down casual dining in Bridgewater? Is there still?

  6. The Harrisonburg locations are usually full most of the time, as well. I suspect the crowds will thin in time. We ate there the other night.
    The food is tasty but I wish it was a little more authentic. They have Americanized it too much and it needs real Mexican spices. Pretty bland.
    But, who am I to question it, they have been pretty darn successful.

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