Snow prediction contest returns for 2012!

It’s time again! Get out your crystal ball and predict the first day this season that we’ll get an inch of snow in Bridgewater. If you’re the closest, you win a valuable prize package.* Here are the rules:

1. In a reply to this post, enter your guess of the date of our first snowfall of one inch or more.

2. The snowfall will be measured by the incorruptible Mrs. Webmaster in our front yard in Bridgewater.

3. When the inch of snow has fallen, the webmaster will announce the winner on Bridgewater Buzz and will also send email if an address is available.

4. The contest ends December 20. If we have not had a qualifying inch of snow by December 20, the winner will be chosen by a random drawing.

*The prize will include, at a minimum, a gift certificate to a local business. We are trying to contact the elusive Treeman to see if the traditional wreath can also be included. If you have a business and would like the free advertising and goodwill that would come from donating a prize, send email to the webmaster.

Update: Treeman has checked in to confirm that, once again, Ford’s Wintergreens will offer a fresh Christmas wreath to the winner. Thanks, Treeman!

20 thoughts on “Snow prediction contest returns for 2012!”

  1. Hey Webby,

    Lookin forward, I don’t see any snow till next week at best. I need to be outta town on Friday 21 (Adam is finally graduating from VT.)If you want to do drawing on Wed. nite then I could meet up with winner prior to my departure. I will endeavor to bring wreath to work with me on Thursday and I could meet up with winner shortly after work in BW. (5:15,5:30). Otherwise it will be later Sat or Sunday before I can deliver.

    Hey, BTW…. Merry Christmas

  2. Treeman, we will do that drawing on Wednesday and let you and the winner know immediately after. (Congratulations on that graduation!)

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