Purple state

We can put to rest, Virginia’s swing state status. They have voted for the most progressive Democratic candidates twice. That being President Obama, Mark Warner and now Tim Kaine.
Governor McDonnel will be the last Republican governor for the foreseeable future. Progressives living in the cities have taken control with the support African Americans, naive young people and the Hispanics. The cities being where the most of the population is located.
The Democrats can count on the Commonwealth being in the bag from now on. The one benefit, we won’t be bombarded with campaign ads next election.
This may sound odd coming from conservative but I’m also a realist.

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  1. Another way to look at it is that the Republican party is simply out of touch with what it takes in a pluralistic society to move constructively toward the future. I say this realizing that there were only 800 or so votes cast for Obama in Bridgewater vs. 1400 or Romney making Bridgewater definitely a conservative town. But I haven’t lost hope that the contrasting sides can work out mutually constructive plans for going into the future at the grassroots level.

  2. The Republican Party believes in smaller efficient government, fiscal responsibilities, less but meaningful government regulations, the need to reform entitlement programs in order to save them. Much like a family budget, they understand that you can’t spend more than you receive and remain viable. They understand that a healthy business community is essential to job creation and that governments do not create jobs but can be affect the same creation by providing an environment that allows businesses to grow.
    The Republicans have sound beliefs but are lousy marketers. They failed to convince many segments of society that being out from under the yoke of government is better than dependency on government. This dependency will prove disastrous in the long run.
    So, I don’t believe that the Republican Party is out of touch because they have sound and responsible beliefs. What they need to do is mount a PR program as effective as the liberals who have convinced the minorities to let the government take care of them and think for them.
    I too, hope they can work together to solve problems but on the other hand. I see the Republican controlled House as our only protection from outright European socialism and fiscal ruin.

  3. McGill, you stated the Republican Party believes in a smaller efficient government, fiscal responsibilities (meaning a balanced budget, I guess), and less but meaningful government regulations. Sounds excellent. Now which of our recent Republican presidents practiced this?

  4. The same number as the number as the recent Democratic presidents. I said these are the core beliefs of the Republican party…I didn’t say all of their candidates effectively worked towards these goals.
    They are, after all, politicians just like in the Democratic party.
    Too much emphasis is placed on whether the problems are Republican or Democratic based. Both parties are self serving. Neither party does what it says.
    Conservatives believe (in their own minds) that their way is the best way to serve their interest just as the liberals do (also in their own minds). The government is more than happy to let the public pit itself against itself based on party affliation because it takes away attention from it’s growth and expanding control.
    Is anyone aware that the government issues an average of 70 new regulations (rules) a day? If so, isn’t anyone concerned about it?

  5. Oops, I mistyped. Not 70 regulations a day, 7. In 2011 2785 new regulations were proposed and passed for a taxpayer cost burden of about 14 billion dollars. 144 of the new regulations were deemed financially significant, meaning they each would exceed 100 million dollars in tax burden alone.
    Source….The Heritage Foundation

  6. Couldn’t agree with you more McGill-surprise! Surprise!
    Many of the solutions to these problems lie at the grass roots levels.

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