Well, it’s almost time to vote. It appears there is a 50/50 chance that the most socialistic President since FDR may be re-elected.
In the Senate, Virginians have had no voice for four years as Warner and to a lesser extent Webb have voted the Democratic Party line in support of Obama, Reid and Polosi. Kaine is deeper in the President’s pocket than either of the above, so no change can be expected.
The House race….Andy Smookler graduated from the University of California-Berkley in 1966. Anyone my age can remember what a Communist supporting left wing nut house that was in the 60’s. Enough said.
The choices cannot be more clear. A continued march toward European style socialism or hopefully, a return to financial responsibility and self reliance. To include a sensible national safety net for the truly needy and a health system that doesn’t involve a government takeover.
The argument will be made that the Republicans contributed to the wrong direction the country is taking, and to a certain extent I agree. But, right now they are the only best hope we have to return to American values. I really don’t want to turn in my few dollars for Euros. 🙂

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  1. I fear that we are about to get the government we deserve. We do not deserve a republic if we re-elect the President. Instead we will deserve a bloated, awkward, arbitrary and overgrown welfare state — and that’s what we’ll get. It may transfer more resources to the poor, but by undermining the basis of true prosperity it will not favor their best long-term interests. Obamacare is a great example. It will improve the medical care of the poor (actually I’m for that), but at a horrendous cost in wasted money and forfeited liberty.

    For my part, I’d rather be poor in a free society than taken care of in a welfare state. But my fellow citizens may vote to the contrary and if they proceed through constitutional means, who am I to object?

  2. The American people (well, half of them) voted to send the same problem solvers back. A welfare and entitlement state is want they want. It appears that is what they will get.
    It gets harder and harder to have pride in being an American.

  3. maybe in his second term the president will get interested in governing. you know. submitting a budget. building coalitions to get it passed. etc.

  4. Hopefully the Republican House will be interested in working with the president during his second term to help govern the country…. you know, submitting a budget, building coalitions, etc. 🙂

  5. Yes, Congress should work to reconcile the House-passed and Senate-passed budgets. (Let’s see, why couldn’t they do that the last three years?)

  6. i think libertarian was referring to the failure of the senate to pass any budget for three years. but seriously. i think there is room for improvement all around. if people would have some cookies and milk and be nice.

  7. Yes, that’s what I was referring to. I’ll take that as gentle kidding, mousie, and I do think cookies and milk might help leaders settle down. What I never understood was why there had to be some “grand bargain” between Obama and the Congress before legislation went forward. Yes, it would be nice if everything were preapproved — but if it weren’t, why not have revenue bills originate in the House, go to the Senate, then go to conference and to the president, just as the Constitution says? Any budget they pass will have more spending than I’d like (more spending than is consistent with freedom) but at least they’d get the job done.

  8. Unfortunately, half of the country voted for more of the same and they will get their wish. Nothing will change…they, the President and Congress, will continue to do nothing other than emergency stopgap measures. The President will continue to advance his progressive agenda by unconstitutional fiats.

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