El Charro looking good

They have done a great job making a generic Hardee’s look like a Mexican restaurant. But when will they open? Looking forward to some tacos y cerveza.

5 thoughts on “El Charro looking good”

  1. I’m steering clear of it for the first few months. I have a feeling it’s going to be a mad house when they first open. But I will give it a shot eventually. I love El Charro!!

  2. It is looking decent. Although, I would have preferred that we kept a local place, Twisted Tortilla, over another El Charro but at least it is better than another pizza/Italian place. On a separate note I am a little disappointed that BRC bought the Backstage and turned it into a therapy center. That was prime Main St. real estate and it would have been better suited for a retail shop that draws more business. Oh well…

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