Any Responsible Budget

We are told, repeatedly by the believers in the tenets of socialism, that balancing the federal budget and making responsible changes to social entitlement programs will harm the multitudes of groups that are dependent on the government.
That is probably true, but not to the extent that is portrayed.
The real problem is that for too many years, the public has allowed progressives and the government to convince them that they are in need of government largess. Had the same level of effort been employed in teaching and promoting self reliance and self determination, not so many people would be in the position of being harmed when the financial day of reckoning arrived.
The bar is continually being lower by liberals to the point that over half the country is dependent on the government for something. This, in the richest country in the world.
Most of the worlds middle class would love to be in Americans poorer class where a family of 4 with a $40,000 income is considered destitute.
We have allowed a culture of entitlement to prevail and the path back to financial solvency will be painful.

3 thoughts on “Any Responsible Budget”

  1. well that is what elections are all about. we now have two very different ideas of what government should be. people can vote. somebody will win and get inaugurated. and i have this idea that not much will change way down here in the lower levels of the food chain.

  2. Don’t blame “liberals” for all this. Both parties are responsible. Under Republicans the government (especially that supporting the military-industrial complex) grew almost exponentially. Moreover, I don’t think both parties any longer offer us two different ideas about government. Both continue to support big government, even if they deny it.

    1. Old Timer,
      We Agree. The Republican Party is full of closet liberals voting for social programs and pork barrel projects just to get re-elected. My man, Bush 43 was an accomplished grower of government. I’ve repeatedly said it is not the fault of Democrats or Republicans but Congress as a whole. I would hope everyone understands the country needs fiscal responsibility along with reasonable safety nets.

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