Football, football, football! (poll)

The preseason polls are out, with Virginia Tech predicted to win its division and the Virginia Cavaliers slotted at fourth. Meanwhile, the Washington Redskins are pinning their hopes on new quarterback Robert Griffin III and a strong supporting cast, while Bridgewater College looks to regain Division III power status and James Madison University prepares for a big game with West Virginia in its new season. How about it, Bridgewater Buzzers? Which of our favorite area teams will have the highest winning percentage? (Yes, these teams all compete in very different settings, and that’s part of what makes it fun. Cast your votes in the poll at the left. Then comment in this thread, if you have anything to add about your favorite team!)

One thought on “Football, football, football! (poll)”

  1. i think the hokies will be strong. as for the redskins. if they can give rg3 some time to throw the ball i think they will be good. otherwise it is going to be a long season for the new kid on the block.

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