Stepping back from road rage on route 42

If you know the guy who drives the big gray Suburban on route 42 heading north between 7:30 and 8:00 some weekday mornings, you would be a friend if you would ask him to drive a little less aggressively. He has been doing some extreme tailgating, honking at drivers in front if they only make the speed limit, and moving into the turn lane like he’s about to pass. If he will back off a little, everyone can stay safe.

If he doesn’t back off, a road rage incident is possible, if he comes up on somebody with a bad temper. His  license plate (ending in *292) has been reported, the police have run the number, and they know what to look for. Multiple drivers have seen this guy misbehaving. Nobody wants to get anybody in trouble, we just want everyone to stay safe.

3 thoughts on “Stepping back from road rage on route 42”

  1. saw the same driver i think. up by dayton walmart. big ole suburban. doing that thing where he gets halfway into the turn lane. i wondered is he going to pass. but no it was just to get the attention of the car in front.

  2. Well, be safe out there the two of you. Don’t let this overly aggressive, challenging driver provoke you into dangerous counteractive measures or road rage.

  3. saw that suv again. behaving better. so maybe he was just have a bad day or a bad week earlier. i always respond to road rage with evasion. no eye contact. no honking. just getting out of the way.

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