It’s your money II

I was looking at the grant and loan possibilities on the USDA website. The list had at least 10 ways to get federal money, to include:

1. Loans to farmers unable to get loans.
2. Several loans, grant and loan guarantee programs to provide private housing.
3. Funding for projects to bring housing, community facilities, utilities to rural America.
4. Another program (different department within) to provides loans to beginning farmers unable to get loans.
5. Another program with loans and grants to develop public facilities and housing.
6. Loans, grants, etc. to provide electric , water and even broadband to rural communities
7 Grants to promote speciality crops to include flowers. Oh yeah, almost forgot renewable energy.
I think it would be a safe bet that all the loans are at subsidized rates.
Big Brother sure is taking care of us. No wonder the country is broke.

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