New CBS TV station coming

TV3 has announced that it will have a CBS affiliate on the air in the future. Although TV3 didn’t say much about the technical details, or when it would start broadcasting, local hobbyists have found out that the broadcast site will be Massanutten and that the power will be relatively low:

Apparently it will broadcast on Channel 43. The owner Gray Television, has stations with multiple channels and networks in the Charlottesville area, sharing some common facilities with each other; a similar setup seems likely here.

3 thoughts on “New CBS TV station coming”

  1. this is not a big deal for me. or most other viewers i suspect. the new station will have minimal local programming. so all it will offer is cbs stuff which most of us already get. depending on what the cable systems do it may even take some channels away. for instance if they take away channel 9 from dc because there will be a local cbs station.

  2. saw that the new station was broadcasting a bit on channel 43. not in full operation i guess. just checking. but the signal was good.

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