Thanks in storm’s aftermath

Thanks are due to lots of people who helped in the aftermath of Friday’s wind storm and resulting power outages. Crews worked hard in difficult heat to restore power, and are on the job still. The officers who directed traffic at key intersections (like U.S. 11 and Va. 257) kept us safe and moving. Join in below if you have someone to thank!

6 thoughts on “Thanks in storm’s aftermath”

  1. I saw town employees out early this morning ( Sunday) cleaning up tree parts that people left on the curb. Thanks to them.
    A salute to the power company people for the long hours they are putting it.
    We lost the contents of our ‘fridge. And the worst part was, there wasn’t a breakfast sandwich to be had the whole of B’water. 🙂

  2. high five to those who checked on elderly neighbors. you will never win a medal for it but i know what you did is much valued. and remember that with good fortune we will all be old someday.

  3. Hats off to a neighbor who allowed his swimming pool to be used by a bucket brigade and keep the neighbors’ bathrooms (the most important part, anyway) in service!

  4. The pole had been replaced and final debris cleanup seemed to be in progress when I went through this morning. Somehow it seems power was restored even with that pole leaning out the way it was.

    1. Although not asked, I’ll volunteer some info. The power companies rarely have only one “main feed” to towns and cities. They build themselves a work around system so they are not crippled by an incident such as the main street pole.

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