It’s your money……

Two government programs I read about this week:

350 million is available as loans to small farmers in Va.. It can be used for seed, fertilizer and even for farm purchases. which begs the question, how can you be a small farmer if you don’t own a farm? Anyway, the requirements are 1. can’t qualify for a conventional loan (wonder why?) and 2. You must be any ethnicity other than Caucasian. This seems like reverse discrimination to me.

2. A grant is available to give the elderly $20 to purchase veggies from local farmers markets.

I really hope I’m not the only one that has issues with this misuse of tax dollars. These may not be big numbers but multiplied by the thousand of other give away programs, it adds up greatly.

8 thoughts on “It’s your money……”

  1. Just goes to show: There’s no limit on the number of ways a government can spend money, once it gets beyond its constitutionally (and morally) justifiable missions of preserving freedom and order. I’m sure there was a sincere legislator or bureaucrat behind each of those ideas, explaining how it was for the public good.

  2. Libertarian– don’t forget that to “promote the general Welfare” is also in the constitution vis-à-vis the public good. That adds another important dimension to the debate.

  3. Right you are, Old timer — to “promote the general Welfare” through the Constitution’s enumerated powers. All other powers not specifically given the Federal government belong to the people, or to the states. And when the Federal government goes beyond those enumerated powers to subsidize loans for favored racial groups or spread a little money around the farmer’s market, it is promoting the specific welfare of a few, not the general welfare.

  4. McGill is it possible to cite your source for this information…. I find the ethnicity requirement, hard to swallow.

    As for point # 2, what is the minimum age? I WANT MINE, I WANT MINE, I WANT MINE…… gimmmeeee, gIMMMMEEE, gIMMEEEEEE

    oH he.., its hot outside…. to much time to get into trouble…. better keep your eye on me webmaster

    1. Daily News-Record, second section a few weeks ago and before that I saw the nearly same article in the Richmond Times Dispatch. Both quoted the government dude saying it was for American minorities and listed them, to include Residents of the Fiji islands, American Indians, Hispanics and Asians and blacks.

      Point 2… said elderly….not sure at what point elderly starts. So as to stay out of trouble, I’ll let someone else make that call 🙂

        1. Interesting McGill, I,ve been referred to as a cretin , wonder if that qualifies me as ” socially disadvantaged” enough to qualify for a loan.

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