Political stands by retailers

In our increasingly polarized country, I understand why some of my fellow progressives want to see corporations get behind our favorite causes. (See http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0612/77002.html). However, I look down the road and I worry about a time when progressives and conservatives will have, in addition to their own favorite news networks, their own favorite retailers. If conservatives are made to feel unwelcome at Target, and progressives unwelcome at Wal-Mart, won’t that just increase the isolation? And won’t that make progressives and conservatives even less likely to understand each other?

Personally, I enjoy the fact that I can see friends of different political stripes at Bridgewater IGA — excuse me, Bridgewater Foods Supermarket — and politics will not enter our conversation. Baseball, yes; the weather, yes; chicken barbecue, yes; but no politics.

7 thoughts on “Political stands by retailers”

  1. What you’re missing, Traveler, is that retailers such as Target have no duty to provide a politically diverse shopping environment. None. Their sole duty is to maximize profits for shareholders. If political stands increase a retailer’s profit, well, the people have spoken.

  2. I don’t think the problem is that we don’t understand each other, I think we understand each other very well. That’s why we disagree. I fully understand the nanny state, I fully understand socialism, I fully understand the distaste for self reliance.
    Libertarian is correct, the market place will become idealogs only as long as it benefits the bottom line.

  3. i am with you traveler. i would like to just shop without making a political statement. and without the store making a political statement. there is way too much politics in life already.

  4. I waited to see if anyone would comment. As I suspected, no one has. There is a fear of being labeled homophobic or intolerant or other labels used to force political correctness.
    It is unfortunate that these labels have the effect of preventing people from speaking their minds and/or being able to state the obvious.
    Political correctness is a effective tool for the liberals. It will require brave people to counter it’s destructiveness.

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