Bridgewater Yard Sale set for June 2

Carol asks: I am trying for find out about the b-water yard sale some say june 28th others are telling me june 2nd. ??? I go every year but having a hard time finding the date. Thanks, Carol

And the answer is: June 2 ( If you know of a yard sale of particular interest — fund-raiser for a worthy cause, or unusual items for sale — please post it here!

13 thoughts on “Bridgewater Yard Sale set for June 2”

  1. thank you for getting back to me. I’ll be there I have crocheted items. We do our tithe to our church. God bless us in wonderful ways.

  2. We will be in the area (coming in from Suffolk) on 6/2 and would like to come to the yard sale. Can we? If so, where in Bridgewater will it be?

  3. This is a town-wide yard sale, so there are yard sales in every neighborhood. The traditional hot spot is West View Street — don’t go that way on yard sale day unless you’re prepared to spend some time.

  4. There will be 15 – 20 families set up in the front parking lot at John Wayland Elementary School (across Rt 42. from Turner Ashby High School). The teachers have a Relay for Life team and use this event as a fundraiser. This is a great location to look and shop. Lots of parking. If anyone is looking to participate and doesn’t live in Bridgewater, you can call 828-6081 to reserve a spot for yourself.

  5. Do we need to register to park and have a table at the field in the community center? Thanks for the information.

  6. Be sure to check out Wildwood Dr off Dry River Rd….we will be having a HUGE yard sale including tons of items from a storage unit we won and also antiques my sister is bringing down from Northern Virginia. My daughter also will be selling some goodies. 🙂

  7. It was dangerous out there this morning taking my constitutional in Bridgewater. Cars zipped hurriedly around the people ambling along the street as the drivers hurriedly attempted to get to the as yet undiscovered bargain just up the street.

  8. it was dangerous when i was out too. at the corner of main and dinkel. people walking everywhere. lots of cars and bikes too. i hope no one was hurt.

  9. And for that very reason, I always plan stay at home chores for that day. It once took me 45 minutes to go from my house to the hardware store. That as a lesson learned. Hope everyone had a good time, found bargains or made a little money.

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