Bridgewater Buzzers, we’re famous!

Our fame comes from this article in the Shenandoah Journal. Thanks are due to Lauren Jefferson for an article that nicely captured the spirit of this site. Even more, thanks are due to all of our regular contributors, readers and lurkers. You make Bridgewater Buzz what it is!

With thanks to all,
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5 thoughts on “Bridgewater Buzzers, we’re famous!”

  1. Great article…always nice to see more B-water info in the Journal.

    BTW, does anyone have any updates on Twisted Tortilla? It opened for a few months then abruptly shut down and there was a sign that said they were moving and last week I drove past and they appeared to be open again? What gives?

    1. I spoke with the lady at the video store and she said that they were looking for a location in Staunton. She indicated they weren’t going to re-open because of El Charros.
      Wish they would have been able to stay in business, I liked the food.

      1. It sounds like they did not plan all that well. A new business is supposed to be in the red the first 2-3 years and it was open what? 3-5 months? It seemed like that place was packed all the time and it had just opened. Honestly, I was not a big fan of the food but it feels like they never gave it a chance. I would guess the movie store doesn’t last too much longer with Red Box being so close though.

  2. has anyone heard when el charro might open. at first i was optimistic because i saw construction trucks there. and then realized they were working on the fire station. rather than the old hardees.

  3. I believe work is being done in Hardees. I noticed some guys walking into the building one day heading home from work. I also noticed they have black paper covering the windows which usually means construction is going on inside. As to an opening date, I have no idea. If I had to guess, I would say sometime late Fall, early Spring next year.

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