Shenandoah Journal article on the Buzz

Hello Buzzers-

I am working on an article about the website and the discussion forum for the Shenandoah Journal.

I would appreciate some feedback for the article, which is scheduled to run this next issue.

Please let me know what you particularly value about the site and the discussion forum.

Why do you post?

What subjects on the forum interest you most?

Thank you,

Lauren Jefferson, editor


6 thoughts on “Shenandoah Journal article on the Buzz”

  1. i value the ability to find out and share about highly local stuff that is too trivial or uncertain for the media to cover. but important to people in bridgewater. for example the name change of bridgewater iga to bridgewater foods supermarket. as for what interests me. i am most interested in whatever my bridgewater neighbors are interested in. bridgewater buzz is one way to find out what people are talking about.

  2. I welcome any opportunity to warn my fellow citizens of the dangers of creeping statism, even when it is something as seemingly innocuous as a Labor Day party funded by taxation (and that backed up by force of arms). I also, however, like the fact that those who disagree with my views are always civil and courteous on the Buzz. I always try to return the favor. We disagree on Bridgewater Buzz without being disagreeable.

  3. I enjoy the political discussions the most however, at times, the local activities are interesting (the discussion of the silly street modifications to Dinkle Ave, comes to mind). To my knowledge there has never been a personal attack while disagreeing. Only nice people allowed. :). Wish more people would join in.
    Our Web Master does a great job of maintaining the site.

  4. I love to hear about local successes, especially involving youth or the arts, so when someone posts a musical review or a high-five for a fund-raiser I think it’s great.

  5. I enjoy getting updated on the small trivial details of what’s going on in Bridgewater. New businesses, businesses leaving or changing, etc. I have also enjoyed a forum that does not involve personal attacks or rudeness. Everyone is polite and courteous to others even when disagreeing. I also use the site to find out things that are going on in town that other people may be more familiar with than I.

  6. I come to this webpage often even though I live in Suffolk VA. My DH and I come to the valley about once a month…we camp in Verona, so I always come here to learn about what is happening when we are going to be in town! It is a good informational site with a small town feeling. I enjoy reading all the posts even though I am not a part of the Bridgewater community. Just a real curteous place to see what is happening on the other side of the state!

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